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Raluca Bianca Caine

Personal Trainer, Kangoo Jumps Instructor, Lifestyle Coach and now a Full-Time Mum, Raluca has always been striving to live a healthy lifestyle but has only truly found her passion for fitness while training for a figure competition with Gianni Fabrizio.

“The way my body was reacting to certain factors was fascinating to me, so I have decided I want to learn more, there is always something new to discover…”

Raluca gained her Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification in 2015 when she also qualified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor. Since then she has completed further courses in Diet and Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Pregnancy Pilates. She has since gained her Level 3 Gym Instructor Qualification and subsequently decided to bring Kangoo Jumps to the Isle of Man and qualified as an official Kangoo Jumps instructor

…and that’s how RBfitness became a project…

Kangoo Dance is a safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic program taught to music, for all ages and fitness levels.

The program is functional and teaches participants effective jump techniques for enhanced enjoyment while preventing injury due to bio-mechanical stress. It offers more benefits than any other popular group fitness program because Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes act as a shock absorber to reduce impact on your joints and help you with body alignment, when compared with traditional aerobic activities performed in conventional shoes.

Join my class and discover the magic of rebounding, Get Fit Having Fun!!!!

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